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  • Cost-effective Android Mobile Data Terminal & IP67 GPS GSM Tracker Feb 23, 2015

    We (MOTIA CO., LTD) have launched new models, iMDT6000 (Windows Embedded Compact 7/Android OS based Mobile Data Terminal) and RM-300 (IP67 GPS & 3G GSM Tracker) with 36 Months Warranty based on long term accumulated QC and RMA system. iMDT6000 is Android Mobile Data Terminal based on Dual Core 1GHz processor, 7-inch screen. Various optional modules for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM and GPS are available to be integrated inside. And, superior internal antennas or external antennas for both 3G or LTE GSM/GPRS and GPS/Glonass can be supported optionally depending on vehicle environments. RM-300 is high-value vehicle tracking device with IP67 waterproof sealing feature for reliable installation and durable operation. The rugged RM-300 can endure harsh conditions including dirt, mud, ice, sand, and rain. RM-300 has a unique feature that it supports 6-bands 3G GSM/GPRS frequencies available over the world with a high-sensitive GPS/Glonass performances based on superior internal antenna technology. About all kind of your inquiry, we will response to it within 24~48 hours. Flee free to contact us or send us an email   Learn more

  • Zigbee Integration Available Aug 12, 2014

    Zigbee-based on-board computer is now available to our clients in August 2014. Two types of Zigbee will be provided according to the fleet management project. First, a built-in Zigbee module can be installed in the mainboard of our new on-board computers, iMDT2500 and iMDT5700. Or an external Zigbee dongle can be used though the USB ports or external serial ports. For reference, Zigbee is a wireless communications standard developed as an open global standard to address the unique needs of low-cost, low-power wireless M2M networks. The ZigBee standard operates on the IEEE 802.15.4 physical radio specification and operates in unlicensed bands including 2.4 GHz, 900 MHz and 868 MHz. If you need Zigbee technical supports, please don’t hesitate to contact us   Learn more

  • Taximeter Sealing Apr 11, 2014

    We provide taximeter sealing solutions for our valuable customer when they purchasing iMDT5700. It enables fleet management system provider, especially taxi dispatching solution provider to tighten up security information saved in SIM card and SD card. And mainboard and case are sealed with a seal post firmly to prevent for drivers to open it personally without permission. With iMDT5700 installed in taxi dash board, you don’t need to worry that taxi driver or someone else handles it without authorization.   Learn more

  • Bus Management System Mar 05, 2014

    Bus Management System! (Using MOTIA’s iMDT2500 and iMDT5700) Currently iMDT5700 and iMDT2500 enable fleet management system provider to update and display the location of each tourist trolley bus and its ETA (estimated time of arrival) at each route stop. With iMDT5700 or iMDT2500 installed in Bus dash board, Bus drivers can processes the data and displays it on a website live map accessible on-line, including smartphones, by the general public. If you want to meet the unique needs of bus operator, feel free to contact us,   Learn more

  • Fuel Tanker Monitoring Solution Jul 12, 2013

    With on-board computer “iMDT2500(4.3”) and iMDT5700(7”), Fuel Tanker Management will enable the client to track and monitor fuel for delivery in real time, with a host of features that will keep the client better informed of any crucial events such as trip initiation, cargo status, inspections, trip scheduling and deliveries.   Learn more

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