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  • Waste Fleet Management System Jul 05, 2013

    With on-board computer “iMDT2500(4.3”) and iMDT5700(7”), waste and recycling management service provider can develop their own waste management system easily. A lightweight, rugged touchscreen display provides them with the most robust and the toughest onboard computing platform. And they provide unprecedented real-time information to drivers and dispatchers about a truck’s load-weight, route status, service completion, vehicular telemetry, driver activities and much more. They manage a wide range of inputs from a vehicle’s on-board systems including scales, RFID readers, tire pressure and fuel monitoring, as well as other devices.   Learn more

  • School Bus Management System Jun 28, 2013

    School bus management system integrates GPS-based fleet tracking, communications technologies(GSM/GPRS), and web-based services to provide efficient use of transportation assets and RFID technology to provide student location awareness. On-board computers iMDT2500(4.3”)and iMDT5700(7”) are designed for school bus operator or fleet management system supplier who can develop their own application with full features. They can integrate external devices such as RFID (students indentified) and They support "Emergency Recoring" and "Two way communication(messaging)".   Learn more

  • Precision Farming! (with using MOTIA’s iMDT2500 and iMDT5700) Jun 19, 2013

    MOTIA’s embedded mobile data terminals will drive innovation in agricultural management. Precision farming (precision agriculture) seeks to maximize the efficiency of processes and available resources in the face of resource preservation and constraints. MOTIA iMDT2500 and iMDT5700 mobile data terminals enable deployment of new technologies in agricultural applications, such as satellite imagery, M2M (machine-to-machine) connectivity and geospatial tools such as GPS and GNSS.   Learn more

  • Taxi Fleet Management System! (with using MOTIA’s iMDT2500 and iMDT5700) Jun 14, 2013

    MOITA introduce On-board Computers iMDT2500(4.3”) and iMDT5700(7”) supporting TMS(Taxi Management System) for cab companies who can develop their own application with full features. On-board Computers iMDT2500(4.3”) and iMDT5700(7”) have built-in GPS modules and GPRS/GSM modem available to make an useful application such as map navigation and communication with drivers. It can also support dispatch, booking, vehicle registration and driver management etc. And On-board Computers iMDT2500(4.3”) and iMDT5700(7”) can work as an electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) to easily manage Hours of Service (HOS).   Learn more

  • New On-board Computer iMDT2500 Mar 15, 2012

    MOTIA, South Korea-based manufacturer of driver-preferred EOBRs, introduced new fleet management product on March 15. The new touch-screen electronic on-board recording devices (EOBRs) meet all Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements.   Learn more

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