iMDT4000 - Development Tool Kit

iMDT4000 is a kind of special upgrade version of iMDT3000, which support several features that MOTIA’s main partners wanted based on their know-how and technical customization requirements from the field for a long time. You can experience more efficient cable connection, more enhanced GSM voice communication capability and several specific options.

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Mobile Data Terminal – iMDT4000

When you purchase the sample of iMDT4000 (6.5" display), now we MOTIA Co., Ltd provide you with a SDK package CD including all the technical documents, test program and example codes that you may need to develop your own factory automation/ fleet/ Truck/ TAXI/ Waste collection management solutions.

The SDK package contains basic setup programs (active sync), example test program/source to utilize serial, digital IO, LED/LCD back light/STATUS LED/ function keys/various power mode/Ignition/GPS/GSM/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, etc in addition to README/SDK guide/GSM AT COMMAND BOOK. And, Our CE 5.0 SDK utilizes Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005/2008 C++ or C# development environments.

If there are some questions while developing your own application with reference to our SDK package, please always don’t hesitate to email us and we will answer them within 24~48 hours.

Mobile Data Terminal – iMDT4000
Mobile Data Terminal – iMDT4000 Download SDK

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Standard Sample Package including SDK package for developer
iMDT4000 Standard Package
  • 1 x iMDT4000 device
  • Multi cable and active sync cable.
  • CD for SDK package
  • 1 x Ram Mount (optional)and 1 x Sun visor (optional)

Note : Content and specifications of the iMDT4000 SDK Package may change without prior notice.