iMDT4000 - Overview

iMDT4000 is a kind of special upgrade version of iMDT3000, which support several features that MOTIA’s main partners wanted based on their know-how and technical customization requirements from the field for a long time. You can experience more efficient cable connection, more enhanced GSM voice communication capability and several specific options.

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Mobile Data Terminal – iMDT4000

  • Wide graphic display - 6.5 Inch color VGA 400 x 240 transmissive TFT LCD Wide type with integrated touch panel
  • Processor & Operating System - Intel FWPXA270 Processor, 520MHz and Windows CE.NET version 5.0 Powered by Microsoft, (Professional or Core version available optionally)
  • Customer configurable function keys - Total 12 function keys and power button customized for your convince
  • Support any kind of wireless communication - It can be attached to external devices (printer, card reader... etc.)
  • Advanced various option support - Internal Antenna, Multi SIM, Alcohol Detector and Echo Cancellation DSP added Speaker Phone
  • Free Software Development Tool Kit - Setup program(active sync), example test program/source (serial, digital IO, LED/button status etc), Basic materials for developers
Mobile Data Terminal – iMDT4000
Mobile Data Terminal – iMDT4000