iMDT4000 - Specification

iMDT4000 is a kind of special upgrade version of iMDT3000, which support several features that MOTIA’s main partners wanted based on their know-how and technical customization requirements from the field for a long time. You can experience more efficient cable connection, more enhanced GSM voice communication capability and several specific options.

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Mobile Data Terminal – iMDT4000

  • iMDT4000 Specification - Cost effective Mobile Data Terminal can be applied to various mobile/wireless applications in low or middle cost range.
  • iMDT4000 Warranty - Now we have provided 3 years warranty for all of our products based on long term accumulated QC and RMA system. (5, 7 and 10 years warranty available though a special contract).
  • iMDT4000 Additional Option - We are trying to reflect all customer requirements from the embedded board modification level up to slight housing design change.
Mobile Data Terminal – iMDT4000
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Processor & Operating System
Microprocessor Intel FWPXA270 Processor, 520MHz
Operating System Windows CE.NET version 5.0
Flash Memory NOR Flash 64M byte
RAM SDRAM 128M byte
6.5 Inch color VGA 400 x 240
LED backlight, wide type
400 nits
Keypad & Buttons
12 function keys
1 power button
6 LEDs
Interface ports
RS232 serial ports Total 7 x RS232 serial port
USB ports 1 x 1.1 USB Host
1 X 2.0 USB Client
Accessible Expansion Slots
Internal SD socket SDHC expandable up to 32Gbyte
Internal SIM card GSM communication
I/O port
Digital input x 4 line
Digital output x 2 line
ADC x 1 line
Additional audio connectors
J1939 (plus J1708 optional)
GPS (GLONASS optional)
internal, SiFR Ⅲ GPS module
baud rate b9600
Motorola g24
baud rate b115200
Physical Characteristics
Size 176 x 127 x 38mm
Weight 0.93 kg
Ventilation hole upper & bottom
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +70℃
Humidity 5% - 90%