Vehicle Tracker – iMDT2500-COMMHUB - Specification

iMDT2500-COMMHUB is GPS tracking device and a kind of screenless version for iMDT2500 mobile data terminal. And, Cost-effective GPS tracking device has more stable power management features through dual super capacitors/surge protection circuit in preparation for sudden power loss, drop or surge in Truck or heavy equipments.

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Vehicle Tracker – iMDT2500-COMMHUB

  • iMDT2500-COMMHUB Specification - Now it can be applied to various mobile/wireless applications at the most reasonable cost range compared to various functionality, superior features and long term warranty.
  • iMDT2500-COMMHUB Warranty - Now we have provided 3 years warranty for all of our products based on long term accumulated QC and RMA system. (5, 7 and 10 years warranty available though a special contract).
  • iMDT2500-COMMHUB Customization - We are trying to reflect all customer requirements from the embedded board modification level up to slight housing design change.
Vehicle Tracker – iMDT2500-COMMHUB
Vehicle Tracker
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Processor & Operating System
Microprocessor Samsung S3C2450, 533MHz
Operating System Window CE 5.0 core/ pro version
Flash Memory Samsung NAND Flash 128Mbyte
I/O port
Digital input x 2 line
Digital output x 2 line
ADC x 1 line
Keypad & Buttons
11 function keys
1 power button
6 LEDs
Interface ports
RS232 serial ports Total 6 x RS232 serial port
USB ports 1 x 1.1 USB Host
1 X 2.0 USB Client
Accessible Expansion Slots
Internal micro SD socket SDHC expandable up to 32Gbyte
Internal SIM card GSM communication
Additional audio connectors
J1939 (plus J1708 optional)
GPS (GLONASS optional)
internal, SiFR IV GPS module
baud rate b9600
protocol standard
GSM/GPRS (3G, LTE optional)
u-blox Leon-G100
baud rate b115200
Physical Characteristics
Size 175 x 127 x 44mm
Weight 460g
Ventilation hole upper & bottom
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +70℃
Humidity 5% - 90%
Other options
Internal Antenna, Multi SIM, Alcohol Detector optional
Echo Cancellation DSP added Speaker Phone and etc... optional