Vehicle Tracker – RM-300 - Specification

RM-300 is high-value vehicle tracking device with IP67 waterproof sealing feature for reliable installation and durable operation. The rugged RM-300 can endure harsh conditions including dirt, mud, ice, sand, and rain. RM-300 has a unique feature that it supports 6-bands 3G GSM/GPRS frequencies available over the world with a high-sensitive GPS/Glonass performances based on superior internal antenna technology.

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IP67 GSM/GPS Vehicle Tracker – RM-300

  • RM-300 Specification - Now it can be applied to various mobile/wireless applications at the most reasonable cost range compared to various functionality, superior features and long term warranty.
  • RM-300 Warranty - Now we have provided 3 years warranty for all of our products based on long term accumulated QC and RMA system. (5, 7 and 10 years warranty available though a special contract)
  • RM-300 Customization - We are trying to reflect all customer requirements from the embedded board modification level up to slight housing design change
Vehicle Tracker – RM-300
Vehicle Tracker
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Including * Basic Flash Memory 1MB and *RAM 128K
Flash Memory 4MB or 8MB or 64MB (optional)
SRAM 512K or 2MB (optional)
Input Voltage 12 VDC (8 - 36V)
*1700 mAh, Li-Polymer built-in back-up battery (optional)
charging/low voltage check-up available by SW controller
Interface ports
Digital Input 2 ports (0-30V)
Digital Output 2 ports (Voltage level fixed)
Analog input 1ch, 12bit (Voltage range fixed)
Serial Port (RS232) 1 COM Port
Dallas One-Wire
Connector 12 pins, male
2.0A & 2.0B Active
Operating Temperature -30 ~ +85℃ (no battery)
-20 ~ +85℃ (with battery)
FCC, CE, E, IP67
GPS receiver
Receiver Type SiRFstarIV, M10478-A3, 66 channels
Time-To-First-Fix Hot start < 1sec
Cold start < 35sec
Positioning precision < 5m
Sensitivity -163 dBm
Built-in antenna
GSM/GPRS modem
u-blox Lisa-U200
6-band 800/850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz
GPRS Connectivity class 8+10
Transmit power 2W (for 900 MHz)
Sensitivity -106 dBm
Built-in antenna
Built-in 3-axis accelerometer (±2/8g)
Tremble detector
Sealing (Waterproof)
Software Features
Over-the-air configuration parameters, PEG rules, and firmware
SDK for embedding custom communication protocols application logic and I/O control into firmware
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions (mm) 118 x 133 x 36 mm