Product Details

Q1. How to buy?
  • You can inquire about the pricing and options and then, you can get the quotation including the delivery. After then, you can purchase MOTIA products directly from us.
Q2. How to get distributorship?
  • Basically, MOTIA does not approve sole distributorship on an area, but if there were some specific projects or bidding that you want us to protect from a competitors, please give us some information about the competitors. And we will consider it positively.
Q3. What are the most competitive features in your product line-up?
  • 3 years Warranty
  • Long term life time support up to 10 years (MOTIA can provide all the parts stably up to 10 years and more at real spare parts cost fixed when purchasing the products.)
  • Reliable products,
  • Most durable/ergonomics design,
  • Excellent power management system with using of super capacitors and surge protection circuit designed with our long term experiences and know-how accumulated in the fields since 2003.
  • Various options: Built-in wireless modules such as GPS, GSM/GPRS/3G/LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and others and extended serial/digital inputs and outputs, CANBUS/J1939/J1708 etc.
Q4. What is the usual Delivery?
  • 1~2 weeks for sample and small qty orders below 50 sets.
  • 4 weeks for orders over 100~500.
  • 6 weeks for 1000 units and more.
Q5. Customization or OEM is available?
  • Yes, it is also available free of charge if you can become a long term parts of us.
  • LOGO printing is also available from initial order stage (MOQ: 10 sets).
Q6. Which kind of field does iMDT5700/iMDT2500 is fit to?
  • Solution device for Fleet management, Trucking, TAXI management, heavy equipment.
  • Embedded PC for Factory automation, Medical equipment and others.