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24/7 Technical Support

We, MOTIA Co., Ltd have been known as a good development partner in addition to a reliable manufacturer for In-Cap Mobile Data Terminal for various fleet management solutions. When you develop your own solutions for TAXI management/Trucking/Job dispatch/garbage collection vehicle control and etc with our MDT line up, we are trying to do our best to provide you with all the technical supports within 24~48 hours 24/7.

If there are some questions for our products or if you want us to support some OS change optimized for your ideal S/W solution development, please always don’t hesitate to email or call us.

  • MSN messenger support system:
    If there is needed some on-line remote support from our S/W or H/W team when you develop your solutions, it is possible for us to support you through MSN messenger system. In this case, you need to inform us your schedule that you want us to discuss technically. After then, we will introduce one of our technical persons who can support you well and you can communicate him on-line.
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