MOTIA Co., Ltd. warrants to the Purchaser that the products (Model: iMDT57000, iMDT5000, iMDT2500, iMDT2000 and COMMHUB) will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under a normal use for a period of three years (unless otherwise specified separately) from the date of delivery, subject to the following terms and conditions:
  • This warranty applies only to products purchased from MOTIA or such other personnel that may be authorized in writing.
  • Should any product be found defective in material or workmanship during the term of the Warranty, MOTIA will, at its own discretion, repair or replace the defective part/unit.
  • This Warranty does not apply to:
    • Damage caused by any act or omission of any other person or entity not an employee or authorized agent of MOTIA.
    • Damage in transit (all pieces are FOB Korea. Delivery by courier service or other approved carrier will be arranged at the request of the Purchaser for an additional charge).
    • Damage to units, which have been disassembled, repaired or modified by persons other than those authorized in writing to do so by MOTIA.
    • Operation failures caused by software installation or incompatibility made by the Purchaser except for instructions made based on documents issued by MOTIA.